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Monthly Specials

** All specials good through July 31st, 2024. No Prepay available. To be used at time of service. **

Facials – Get Your Skin Ready for Summer!



Package of 3 Treatments (recommended to see best results) – $1200

  • includes aftercare moisturizer
  • Neck/decollete add on is an additional charge
  • Includes AfterCare moisturizer (helps promote collagen production) 


Glacial Gloss Rx

  • Uses precise cooling to help fight inflammation/redness
  • Includes Light Peel and Dermabrasion for exfoliation: Tx is relaxing!!


No Peel Peel! No Downtime

15% OFF

SPF Tone Smart & Alto (Vitamin C) Skin Better

  • Please protect your skin with SPF all day, everyday

Here at Ageless of Las Vegas we understand that different people have different needs for their skin.  Call us for a free consultation appointment and we can build packages based on your skin needs (702) 874-3796

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